The New Era of Multi-Dwelling Units

Across the country, the lack of availability of safe, modern housing has led to myriad conversations about how to solve the inventory crisis. Even after months of predictions that the housing market would return to pre-pandemic pricing levels with more homes on the market, it seems that the new normal is likely here to stay. While the frenzy that led to many buyers paying well above asking prices has cooled, the need for new housing options remains as strong as ever.

Callahan Construction has been fortunate to work with some of the boldest and smartest developers around the northeastern U.S., as the company is involved with apartment community projects from New England to New York. Thanks to the experience gleaned from working on fast-track new construction projects around the Tri-State area, we’ve learned that you can create desirable living spaces that take into account both the changing needs of a modern workforce and the constraints posed by traditional suburban markets with limited housing stock.

Here are some of the things we’ve learned from our developer partners along the way:

  • Build near mass transit: An apartment community that takes into account the needs of a hybrid workforce is a must. Scouting out locations with proximity to rail, bus, and ride sharing services so that workers can pivot between working remotely or commuting to an office is essential in the post-pandemic economy.
  • Incorporate features that support remote work: Apartment facilities can no longer simply incorporate a laundry room and lobby entrance for shared spaces. Modern tenants expect to see conference room spaces, privacy pods for phone calls, and areas where they can host meetings when necessary.
  • Social gathering spaces are a must-have: When the work day is  done, the modern apartment community is no different than a housing development in suburbia. Barbeque stations, pickleball courts, and swimming pools are essential to attracting tenants looking to buy or rent their first home or to find a multi-dwelling unit that is family-friendly.
  • Utilize brownfield sites: Brownfield sites and properties located in economic development opportunity zones may yield valuable cost savings via tax credits and other incentive programs when it comes time to build a new apartment complex, while also removing blight from the community. And remember, Callahan Construction can self-perform site work to help further reduce costs and expedite the project timeline.

These days, it’s not enough to simply build a structure with 400 units in a location that doesn’t take into account the need for convenience, comfort, and remote work considerations. Throughout New York and other nearby metros, the most successful apartment projects are building for a future tenant’s entire lifestyle, and not just a place to sleep and eat. If you’re looking for a construction partner that understands what the future of apartment communities looks like, contact Callahan Construction today.

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