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Callahan Construction Engineers

Construction Management

Owners and developers depend on us to identify and incorporate value engineering opportunities throughout the construction process, and to maintain strict budgets and schedules. As construction managers, we ensure meticulous administration of contracts and seamless transition between all phases of design, preconstruction and construction. Our services include:

Communication & Reporting

Callahan can provide administration documents on a monthly or weekly basis, including project meeting minutes, updated budgets, RFI logs, submittal logs, logistic plans, change order logs, two-week look-ahead schedules, and master schedules. This allows our clients to be fully informed about every step of the process, and keeps projects moving forward.

Cost Management

Our cost control system is fully integrated with our accounting platform, which allows us to provide accurate ongoing financial reports that detail costs to date, approved and pending changes, and other items related to project budget. By constantly monitoring costs and schedule, our senior management team can anticipate potential overruns and provide alternative solutions to keep projects within budget and on schedule.


We have developed an extensive written Safety Program, and employ a full time Director of Safety and 5 Safety Managers. All field personnel have a safety orientation program and are required to have OSHA training, and Callahan Superintendents are required to have 30-hour OSHA Safety training. Callahan has been honored for 13 consecutive years by the Gould Construction Institute and Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. with a Gold Safety, Training, and Evaluation Process (S.T.E.P.) award.

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Callahan will create a project specific Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) plan. Our plans include material verification requirements, third party testing requirements, subcontractor specific quality outlines, testing and inspection frequency, QA/QC meeting requirements, mock ups for evaluation by entire team and benchmarks to establish a level of finish that is acceptable by all team members. The goal on each Callahan project is to build it right the first time, eliminating any chance for rework.

Schedule Updates

Callahan will prepare a “total project” schedule that will encompass all aspects of the project including design, approvals, permitting, preconstruction, pre-purchased items, construction activities and owner supplied and installed items. During the construction phase Callahan’s field team will update the schedule on a monthly basis, to ensure milestones are being achieved.


We work alongside our clients and collaborating design professionals to employ data-driven solutions which provide for minimal building loads and operating costs while providing a high level of comfort for building occupants. We believe that high performance, low energy, and healthy buildings have become our collective social responsibility amidst the global climate changes we face today. Across all of our projects, Callahan makes every effort to provide our clients with sustainable and efficient materials and equipment options. We currently have 18 Passive House Certified Licensed
professionals on our staff.

We are a true partner to our clients and design teams in creating the highest performing, most environmentally sustainable developments possible. The majority of our projects incorporate sustainable materials that are highly energy efficient, minimize waste, and leave behind a lighter carbon footprint.

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Self Perform Site Work 

Callahan has the unique ability to self-perform site work. Our in house sitework team includes engineers, foreman, operators and laborers all supported with our inventory of
heavy equipment and is managed by Tim Callahan. Having this resource in-house, coupled with our civil engineering pre-construction team, allows us to thoroughly analyze the
sitework scope unlike any other General Contractors in this region. The decision to self-perform site work is offered to clients only when it is the most cost effective option and the right fit. The site package is competitively bid, just like all scope packages, and subcontractors’ quotes are reviewed and compared with our own in-house budgets. Our knowledge and understanding of the work allows us to flush out scope gap and possible problem areas with other subcontractors. If our in-house budget is competitive, and we feel that we can perform the work in accordance with the project schedule, we will offer to self-perform the site work. If not, the package is awarded to the competitive and qualified
site subcontractor. However, our in-house civil engineer will continue to stay abreast of the project, helping to review proposed change orders, offer value engineering
suggestions, mitigate conflicts and review any other site related issues.

Our sitework services include: (The Complete Site Scope)

  • Site Preparation/Erosion Control
  • Excavation
  • Contaminated Soil Management
  • Dewatering
  • Ground Improvement/Deep Foundation Support
  • Support of Excavation
  • Drain, Water and Sewer Installation
  • Utility Excavation
  • Retaining Walls
  • Paving, Curbing and Walkways
  • Site finishes

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