Trade Partner Resources

At Callahan Construction Managers, our goal is to develop long term relationships with our trade partners. We look for a well-qualified, diverse workforce for our projects. Callahan takes pride in managing safe and efficient projects that enable our trade partners to grow and succeed.

To submit a prequalification request, please email the Callahan prequal team at [email protected] with the following information:

  • Company Name (as it appears on the W-9 certificate)
  • Trade / Services Provided
  • Main Office Address
  • Prequal Contact Name
  • Prequal Contact Email – (the request to prequalify or renew will be sent to this address)
Callahan Construction is now using TradeTapp by Building Connected, for prequalification and financial review.
TradeTapp is a secure, third-party application by Building Connected. Questions will address basic business information including corporate structure, work experience, backlog, financial and safety. To start the process, click on the link above. After your information is verified, you will be sent an email invitation to start the prequalification process in TradeTapp. For assistance in the TradeTapp/Building Connected system, please contact their support team at, [email protected]
Please note that audited or reviewed financial statements are required to be considered for prequal approval for subcontracts values greater than $250K. Your financials are kept in the strictest confidence. Only risk management, and financial staff are allowed to access your financial information. Your financial data is used for risk assessment only.
For questions about Callahan Construction’s prequalification requirements and process contact:
Daniel Averna, Director of Risk Management – [email protected]

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Callahan is committed to building strong, long-lasting client relationships, and to consistently delivering solutions that exceed expectations. Contact us today about starting your next project.