Callahan Construction Managers (Callahan) announces its partnership with Jefferson Apartment Group (JAG) and the City of Malden as the exclusive construction partner for the new J Malden Center. Designed by CBT, the project is a reimagination the current downtown, connecting residences with the MBTA station, shops and restaurants. Overall, 550,000 square feet of redevelopment will occur.

Once complete, J Malden Center will be a mixed-use project consisting of retail space, 300+ residential apartments, and the creation of an expansive civic office condominium that will become the future home of Malden’s City Hall, strategically positioned at the Gateway to Malden Center. The design focuses on reconnecting a major pedestrian street link to the central hub of the city.

“Callahan is proud to be a part of downtown Malden’s revitalization” said Patrick Callahan, President of Callahan Construction. “We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with JAG and CBT to create a desirable urban living experience with community amenities and local hotspots for shopping and dining.”

Callahan has updated the exterior façade for each building involved and is currently overseeing the interior build-out. Callahan was tasked to construct 546,881 square feet of space, with the new building designed to mirror the height and character of neighboring properties while also adding a new vibrancy to the city center.

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