Callahan Partners with Italian Home for Children

Callahan has recently launched a partnership with Italian Home for Children (IHC) to provide local support to children and families in need. Through hands-on involvement, ranging from volunteer work to in-kind improvements to IHC facilities, Callahan is committed to advancing IHC’s mission of providing powerful and effective programs to help ensure children and families in need are able to thrive in their communities.


“Volunteer work that benefits our local communities, especially families throughout the area, is a key priority of Callahan’s and we’re eager to help in advancing IHC’s mission through the donation of our services,” said Stephen R. Callahan Jr, Project Executive with Callahan. “This organization stands out for its selfless commitment to improving lives and empowering future generations, and we are honored to play a role within this mission.”


Callahan formally launched its relationship with IHC this month at the Cranwood Campus in East Freetown, MA through participation in the organization’s annual Wacky Olympics, a day where children and families involved in the program are able to enjoy a day of education, fun and competitive events. Members of the Callahan team were on hand to volunteer time and support activities throughout the day.


Through Callahan’s partnership with IHC, the firm will prioritize several improvements to the Cranwood Campus by donating their time, talents and resources to upgrading the two homes and administration building that comprise the campus to directly benefit the children and staff who depend on these spaces. Improvements will include updates such as renovations to the exterior of the properties to include new pavers, plantings and patios, as well as general repairs and improvements within the homes.


“Callahan’s commitment to IHC and dedication to upgrading our facilities is invaluable,” said Dr. Alan Jacobson, Chief Executive Officer of Italian Home for Children. “These updates help ensure the children we serve truly feel at home and allow us to dedicate a maximum amount of valuable staff time and financial resources toward providing care for the kids while still being able to have important facility maintenance and upgrades.”


In addition to their relationship with IHC, Callahan has pledged to support community improvement efforts throughout Massachusetts as part of their Constructing Communities program. The Constructing Communities program reflects Callahan’s family-focused culture, in which giving back to the community produces many positive effects, whether it be inspiring young people to get involved with the community or serving to support the local economy. Callahan engages in community outreach efforts such as buying locally, training/work programs with local schools, volunteering with local nonprofits and charities and sponsoring community events. Additional community organizations that Callahan supports include Rosie’s Place, Caritas Communities, South Shore Habitat for Humanity, Heading Home and Friends of Boston Homeless, among others.

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