Constructing Communities in Somerville, MA

Callahan knows that developing the next generation of skilled workers is important to everyone in the construction industry. Working in Somerville at Assembly Row – Block 6 has provided Callahan with the unique opportunity to create a program for local young adults at Somerville High School’s Center for Technical Education (CTE) to participate in the process of building a new neighborhood in their own

Callahan project staff worked with the High School’s CTE Leadership to create a program that helps to develop real life skills through coaching. While the program is still young, the Callahan project team at Block 6 is excited to be able to help local kids see how a high rise building gets put together. They’ve already had one very successful day mentoring about a dozen tradesmen showing them the details about how deep foundations are built. “We hope to have several similar training days for students once the project gets closed in and safe areas can be made available for job shadowing later in 2016″, said Dave Morrow, Project Executive at Callahan Construction Managers.”The students and the staff are excited and committed to taking this program to the next level”.

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