About Us

Callahan is a full service construction management company that has served the New England and Northeast regions for more than 60 years. We provide a wide range of preconstruction and construction management services, and have completed projects in multi-family residential, senior housing, hospitality, retail, corporate office, life sciences, educational, and other markets. As one of the largest open shop construction firms in the Northeast, we work with a wide range of local, regional, and national clients.


The Callahan story

Established in 1954 by Jack and Marie Callahan, the company quickly became a trusted name in construction management. Jack and Marie brought each of their five sons in to the business as it grew, beginning a tradition that continues to this day. More than 20 family members have been involved in the business since its inception, and our current president, Patrick Callahan, has been part of the company since 1988.

Diverse services, great people

We’re known in the industry for high quality work, and for finding new approaches to tough construction challenges. Clients come to us with their most important projects because of the outstanding people on every one of our job sites. Our team has deep experience in multiple markets, combining knowledge of industry trends with a commitment to strict safety controls and sustainable building practices. With our in-house civil engineer, architectural reviewer, and M/E/P/S manager, we provide our project teams with every resource they need to successfully manage the most complex projects.
Callahan Team

Building together

Clients turn to us — and stay with us — because we are by their side through the life of a project, from initial site review to final closeout, and because we are accessible, responsive, and accountable every step of the way. These values touch every part of our business, from building deep relationships with our clients, to supporting the professional growth of our employees. Top quality work, and a commitment to treating our employees, subcontractors, and clients like family. It’s how we’ve built our reputation as a leader in the industry, and it’s the foundation that will carry us forward.

Callahan Constructing Communities

As one of the region’s oldest family-run construction management companies, Callahan recognizes the importance of building towards the future. Callahan is committed to supporting the local economy and hiring local. Each project we undertake is another opportunity to invest in the local community and partner with the various community stakeholders. Callahan will engage in community outreach efforts such as buying local, training/work programs with local schools, volunteering with local nonprofits and charities and sponsoring community events. The Constructing Community program reflects the family culture of Callahan Inc. and strives to support the local economy, inspire young people poised to become the next great engineer, architect or builder, and serve as a positive partner during and long after construction is complete.